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Downers Grove DUI Lawyer

Downers Grove Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Those Charged with Drunk Driving

Have you been charged with drunk driving? It is important to be aware of your legal options while you still have them. At Norris & Callahan, we defend people charged with DUI in the Downers Grove, Illinois, area. We can advise you on ways to lessen the impact of a conviction or avoid one altogether.

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Before You Plead Guilty

In 2012, there were 226 DUI arrests in Downers Grove. Each of those arrests represented a unique set of circumstances. The same is true for your case. You may have failed the breathalyzer test. Your actions may have suggested that you were driving under intoxication. However, you can still beat your DUI charges. Before you plead guilty to DUI, speak to an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer.

At Norris & Callahan, we know many ways in which to fight DUI charges. We have obtained numerous not-guilty verdicts and dismissals in cases where the cards were stacked against our clients. Our experience can benefit you in reducing penalties or avoid a conviction altogether.

A Downers Grove DUI lawyer can represent you in all matters related to your DUI / DWI charges. Find out more about these topics:

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If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact a Downers Grove DUI lawyer in Illinois. For a free DUI case evaluation, call 1-877-335-6693.